Unprecedented Commitment to Medical Providers & Medical Provider Staff

At ImageLink, we truly understand the needs of the medical provider and the medical provider's staff.

At ImageLink, we know that you have your choice of diagnostic centers in the area

ImageLink managed diagnostic centers focus on pioneering solutions for medical providers and staff. We have addressed the following medical provider and medical provider staff needs at our managed centers:

Online Booking

Our website allows your staff to book patients online—while the patients are still in the office. This allows your staff to maintain control and ensure the necessary diagnostic imaging will be completed before the patient’s scheduled follow-up appointment. ImageLink-managed centers are truly an extension of your office, and your staff can schedule patients for diagnostic testing in real-time.

Real-Time Access to Images

Medical providers are given access to our PACS system, allowing you to view your patients’ images in real-time. You no longer need to wait or depend on the patient to bring in their disc. You can view the images immediately and/or when it is most convenient for you. Images can be accessed directly from our website.

Experienced Radiologist

ImageLink-managed centers work with top radiologists to get you the most effective reads—so you can focus on treating your patients. We work with MSK and Neuroradiologists, as well as radiologists experienced in the unique requirements of  accident victim claims.

Centralized Support Staff

Whether you have a request for medical records, a question regarding a specific patient, need pre-authorization from an insurance plan, or any other question or request, we have a centralized place for you to reach us for any location we manage. Simply call our toll-free number (888.504.1422), fax our toll-free number (888.305.2226), or email us at scheduling@imagelinkdcs.com, and our experienced and friendly staff will immediately assist.

Multi-Modality Centers

All of our managed centers have High Field or Open MRI. In addition, some of our centers offer X-Ray, Ultrasound and CT testing. In short, we have the capacity to assist all of your patients with any diagnostic testing needs.

Insurance and Lien / Letter of Protection Accepted

ImageLink managed centers accept most major health insurance plans, government-sponsored insurance plans, and lien / letter of protection treatment. You no longer need to search around for centers that will accept your patients’ plans or assist your patients injured in an accident. ImageLink managed centers can help all of your patients.

Friendly Staff

From the minute the patient walks in the door at any of our ImageLink managed centers, our friendly staff will be there to greet them and assist with any questions they may have.

Quick Testing

Nobody wants to spend more time in a diagnostic test than necessary. The experienced technologists at our managed centers have set up unique protocols to get you the images you need to treat your patients—while keeping patient testing time to an absolute minimum.

Clean Centers

ImageLink managed centers understand that attention to detail improves the patient experience. From our use of proper (as opposed to paper gowns) to our linen service, our managed centers treat the patient with respect and courtesy.

Additional services ImageLink-managed centers provide include: 24-48 hour turnaround time for narrative reports; global billing; availability of open and high field MRI; Spanish speaking schedulers; evening and weekend hours; stat scheduling and narratives upon request; transportation upon request.

Let us prove to you our Unprecedented Commitment to Medical Providers & Medical Provider Staff!